Welcome aboard Clematis

Today is a very special day at ForoRítmica because.... we have a new girl in the office!

Yes, you read that right, Clematis joins the ForoRitmica team and will have her own section. Let's rewind to the moment when it all started... 




The rest: you can imagine. We are honored that she accepted our proposal, ForoRitmica is her home.

Clematis, in case anyone still doesn't know who she is (which we doubt) is very charismatic and a lover of rhythmic gymnastics and the Code of Points... Clematis is witty and extremely creative, and for these (among many other) reasons her posts are synonymous of quality with that "Clematis charm” as a topping that makes it even more special.

Do you want to know more about her? Clematis is one of those people who smiles with her words, who transmits good vibes and a lot of peace from the first time you talk to her. We suppose it is, among other things, because she loves ice cream and walking through snowy places in the middle of nowhere. She is so creative that she can get lost in her thoughts while she lets herself be carried away by all the soundtracks that live in her head or while she loses track of time appreciating every note or sound that perfectly blends with the images of a movie.

Clematis needed a space to create and we needed a person eager to create and build, who is on the same wavelength as we are. And we think we are a perfect match.

What is Clematis going to do in ForoRítmica? The answer is: whatever she wants. "The Eye of Clematis" ("El ojo de Clematis" in its Spanish version: we will publish in both languages) it is her section to create. Her space to let her creativity flow and to make and unmake her analysis as she wishes. It is her apartment inside her, this, house.

Welcome aboard Clematis!


And... What does Clematis think of all this?

Hello everyone!

I'm super happy to be here. What am I doing here? Why am I here? Who am I? Welcome to Philosophy Clematis! Ok no sorry, I think you already know why I am here.

I want to publish more regularly contents and reviews, thanks to written forms (because yes, editing vidéos take a time that I don't always have). I will still upload on my youtube channel, especially for big competition reviews and "What happened in 2XXX", but here, I will share thoughts about competitions scores, quick reviews and theoretical difficulties for you to keep track of gymnasts' planned difficulty.

See you very soon! ❤️


Clematis for ForoRitmica

Together we will do great things.


We are all very excited about this new project, but we do not forget that these are complicated times worldwide. Everything we can do, even if it seems little, adds up to help. Here is the link to the RGForm.eu project to help the families of the Ukrainian gymnasts.



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